Sunday, May 21

Calling New Delhi

Perhaps if you are one of the 104 brave souls to have ventured onto this blog you will have noticed a world map to the right of the screen. A simple, yet to the Gnome fascinating, pictoral representation of the locations his musings have been accessed from.

One might not be surprised given his country of birth and current residence to see the large (well okay, not large per se, but larger than most...) dots straddling New York and dear old Blighty, but these are not the ones that fill the Gnome's heart with excitment and wonder.

It is the occasional visitor from exotic locales that intrigues him. For what reason did an itinerent surfer from Singapore access the site? What googled parameters could possibly be typed to ensure 'The Life of a Gnome' was a prominent enough result to warrant a mouse click from the Dominican Republic? Why has such a result not yet enticed any antipodeans or Argentinians to Gnomeland?

Pray tell us oh visitor from New Delhi why you were here. The Gnome, and through him the world (or at least a little bit of it), is waiting in breathless anticipation for your return...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Though I'm not from New Delhi, (I'm merely from Columbus, Ohio), I felt compelled to share with you how I arrived here. Googling "locquatious", if you must know. Why I was Googling "locquatious" is not terribly interesting, and is also spelled incorrectly. Your anal sphincter quote is most amusing. I'm going to have to share that