Monday, January 2

Life of a Gnome

The Gnome is not one for New Year's Resolutions generally. It only depresses him when, one by one, they fall by the wayside and spend the rest of the year looking at him reproachfully.

Starting a blog though felt more like a pleasure than a chore. So much easier than losing weight, stopping smoking, or any other number of failures waiting to happen. But what to cover? Would anyone really care about the life of an English gnome in Manhattan? Probably not, but that has not stopped anybody else - as a cursory glance over other blogs will quickly prove.

Perhaps the Gnome will get some posts and comments on his musings? He admits to looking forward to his very first comment - whatever it may say. Perhaps, like losing his virginity, it will be somewhat underwhelming, but offer the hope of better things to come. Perhaps, like the first time he heard an Erroll Garner solo, it will be an unassailed delight.

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Lauren said...

Oh... here we go. Guess you're not that innocent (anymore)

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