Friday, January 13

Read the Small Print

Looking to dine out last night, the Gnome discovered a restaurant that appealed to his miserly sense of value. Displaying a large sign offering 2 cocktails for the price of 1, he ushered Mrs Gnome in, sat her down and, with a seemingly disdainful disregard for personal finance, insisted she join him in an aperatif. Unused to such surprising largesse, she agreed and an order for two Cosmopoiltan's was quickly placed with the waiter.

Now, the Gnome's understanding was that these two beverages would cost him only the price of one, but the restaurant had other ideas. Four Cosmos appeared at the table and when questioned, the waiter explained that the offer's small print explained that each person would get two drinks for the price of one, not that two people could share the offer.

The only consolation was that with enough raw alcohol to render an elephant incapable, Mrs Gnome never noticed the anguish on his face as he was presented with the final tab...

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