Wednesday, February 1

Closer to the Truth

Have you ever had one of those bizarre moments when on talking to someone you realise they could hold the answer to one of your most confounding questions?

The Gnome recently attended a meeting where, being the gregarious person he is, he started talking to another participant. Having assuaged his human desire for knowing names, job titles and reasons for attendance (just two souls adrift in a corporate world of free coffee and bagels apparently), he discovered she worked in the building directly opposite his apartment.

Now the Gnome realises his regular readers are few (or quite possibly non-existent) so for those who stumbled here by a drunken slip of the keyboard let him refer you back to an earlier post regarding the strange habits of Orange Man.

It turns out his companion worked on the 25th floor of Orange Man's building, just one floor below the object of the Gnome's attention. Surely, there was a possibility that she could throw light on the matter of his prediliction for the colour that gave him his name?

Alas she did not know of him, but although the sudden outburst of entusiastic questioning about such a strange topic soon made her edge nervously away on the premise of talking to someone else, she did first reveal the floor was occupied by PR consultants working with famous rap artistes such as Blobby Dib Dob, Floozy K and Potz N Noodlz (the Gnome apologises for not being particularly au fait with such characters and as such may not have transcribed their sobriquets with complete accuracy).

Could it be the Man in Orange is simply displaying gang colours?

The Gnome will continue to investigate, but in the meantime, if you recognize the office in the picture you could help, for this is the lair of the Orangeman...

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