Friday, February 3

Danish Flag Exports Rise

The Gnome has no wish to get involved in the controversy over the cartoon images of the Mohammed, but does wonder just how so many people across the Muslim world are getting hold of Danish flags to burn?

Where are they coming from? Surely producing Danish flags is a rather specialist area, particularly when it comes to producing them for an angry populace to set ablaze. He supposes there may be an underground flag factory in some forgotten corner of the West Bank, but surely their production line is hard wired to cater for the more regular displays of American, Israeli and British flag burning?

He can imagine the calling of an emergency management conference to respond to the changing circumstances - "Gentleman, it has come to our attention that there is a significant growth opportunity for us - buy in additional stocks of red dye and find me a designer who knows what the Danish flag looks like"

If no such factory exists, then surely the most likely source of these flags is Denmark itself, although having lived in Copenhagen for about a year, the Gnome can't recall ever seeing anywhere selling them.

How does the modern flag burner reconcile the possibility that he is supporting the economy of the very country he is supposed to be boycotting by buying their flags from them in the first place?

The Gnome hopes the reprinting of the cartoons doesn't spread to other Scandinavian countries, otherwise there will be the additional complication of using Swedish matches to light the flags...

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