Sunday, January 7

Alan Bennett (Part II)

Seeing as the Gnome teased you all with the mysterious addition of 'Part I' after his recent Alan Bennett post, he felt it appropriate to actually get round to writing up 'Part II'.

Whilst wandering in the vicinity of Leicester Square many years ago (so many years ago in fact that Mrs Gnome was still Miss Pixie) the Gnome was crossing a small road when he was disturbed from his neglectful reverie by the tinkling of an old fashioned bicycle bell.

Looking up, not fearful for his life exactly but concerned he was about to become an accident statistic, he saw the bike in question slowing down to go around him. As you have probably guessed (and if you haven't you should consider remedial education) the considerate cyclist was Alan Bennett.

The Gnome's double take on seeing such a luminary of the arts pedalling towards him must have been so comical that it caused Mr Bennett to grin widely - not something the Gnome expected, as on television he seems never to break into anything more than a wan or wry smile.

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