Tuesday, January 2

One Year On

It is exactly a year since the Gnome took to the Blogosphere as part of an attempted New Year's Resolution. With an unfortunate, but understandable, hiatus during his move from the US to the UK, he is feeling relatively pleased with his commitment to the genre. Last year a total of 46 posts ranging from wet snow to homeless lunatics were committed to the ether and (since June anyway) read by 337 people from around the world.

He acknowledges these are not earthshattering numbers, but was never aiming to compete with Lily Allen or Sandi Thom in the number of hits. However, the Gnome knows he must do better this year, and promises his few (but loyal) readers to be more profligate with his comments.

A happy 2007 to you all, especially those who take the time to write back with comments on the posts.

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