Monday, April 2

A Fishy Tale

Seeing as the Gnome is introducing new characters, he supposes he should present to the world the latest additions to the Gnome household – Gnome Fish 1 and Gnome Fish 2.

Bought by Mrs Gnome to provide some cheer in the Gnome’s office, they became an instant hit with Gnome Cat 1, who happily spends the working day watching as they tease him with coquettish flicks of the fins.

In fact, Gnome Cat 1 and the Gnome sometimes stare in tandem; Gnome Cat at the fish, and the Gnome at his computer screen, willing it to spew forth an offer of work to reinvigorate his finances.

The Gnome knows there is only a picture of one fish here, but come on - seen one fish, even a Gnome Fish, and you've seen them all...

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