Monday, April 2

Explanations on a Postcard

The Gnome likes weird signs. He did once take a picture of a sign for you, dear readers, which seemed to imply that it was illegal to place a golf club up a dog's backside, but alas it has been lost from the archives.

At least that one had some words attached to explain its true meaning (no pooping in the street apparently...), whereas this one, spotted at a petrol station just outside Brighton, was apparently thought not to require any explanation.

To the Gnome it provides the timely warning 'Do not attempt to tow away the petrol pump', but does anyone out there know better?

1 comment:

Bonzo said...

Sorry to be boring but I imagine it means "remenber to remove pump before driving away"

Since I have yet to master the White Van Man trick of seemingly inserting nossle, crush handle to a position to allow fuel to flow and then stand back (or scrap-off the last unfortunate life form to interact intimately with said white van) until the automatic shut-off kicks in, I can only imagine this applies to these drivers.

Or, judging by the picture, the unfortunate owners of Austin Allegros, who by the very dint that they own said car are clearly stupid enough to require this reminder!