Monday, September 3

Locked out of his own Blog!

Hello dear readers...

Once again, the months have flown past without so much as a jot from the Gnome. He can only imagine the gnashing of teeth, soulful wailing and desperation in your lives that his absence has caused.

He is not however entirely to blame for the abandonment. For some reason Blogger insisted on a change to a Google Mail account and with it all access was denied. Even the Gnome's precious map of his readers was reset to a blank page (come back you blogger in Montivideo - the Gnome needs to know you still care!)

Passwords have always been a simple matter to the Gnome. He has two. He has only ever had two. Those two passwords, if ever revealed to the world, would allow his entire life to be hijacked and used for nefarious purposes. Not a secure way of doing things admittedly, but a simple one. But no matter how many times times those two words were typed into the appropriate boxes, the dreaded 'password incorrect' box appeared. Something was wrong and in disgust the Gnome gave up and left the World bereft of his cogitations.

On calmer reflection though, it has become clear this is unsatisfactory. How would Santiago feel with no news of Gnome Dog (she's fine...)? Would Tasmania cope not knowing what the Mrs Gnome was up to (the Gnome has not let her order a martini since 'that incident', but otherwise okay)? Could the recent Manchester earthquake be partly attributed to a million Mancunians stamping their feet in unison demanding the return of the Gnome?

So, with a flurry of technological achievements, the Gnome retrieved his password and is back. The trouble is, it was insisted upon that the password be changed before letting him back, which means there is now a third password to remember in the Gnome household. This could be beyond even the Gnome's great powers of memory.

If he disappears again, then you will know why!

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Stan Yann said...

Welcome back, Gnome! I love reading your posts and have missed them tremendously. May you have no future technical difficulties.