Wednesday, February 14

A pint? A pint?!

Gnome dog is keen on spreading happiness to others. No person or animal can she see without an immediate reaction of unbridled joy, coupled with the desire to bestow upon them the sort of wet, slavering kisses normally only endured by favoured nephews of elderly Great Aunts (and of this experience the Gnome can speak with some authority...)

So, perhaps Gnome dog should be signed up for this little programme? Of course, she will need assurance that after her act of canine altruism is complete, there will be water and Bonios in compensation, not to mention the sympathetic attention of a young veterinary nurse to aid her recovery.

Now the Gnome likes to think he has imbued Gnome dog with a sense of comedy history and is convinced when faced with the vet's assurances of how little blood is actually going to be removed she will draw on the wise words of Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock and say...

"A pint? A pint?...but that's nearly a paw full!"

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